Shaun White Olympics 2010 Victory

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Shaun White had a victorious fifth day in the 2010 Winter Olympics by winning the Gold Medal in Snowboarding in the Men’s Halfpipe.  This was White’s second Gold Olympic Medal in a row.  He won his first four years ago in Torino.

White’s victory tonight is another in a long line of personal achievements for him and his family.  Born with a serious heart defect called Tetrology of Fallot, White underwent two surgeries when he was younger to correct the malformations of his heart classic to this disease.  He was also bow-legged as a child, and had to wear night braces to correct this defect.  He overcame both obstacles, and was introduced to snowboarding by his father when he was six years old. His whole family decided to take the sport up in time.

Over the years since White decided to make snowboarding his career, his family supported him financially and personally.  When his career started, his whole family would drive to Mammoth every weekend for his practices, sleep in the van and cook their meals on a stove in the back until they were able to afford a hotel room.

Now White owns his own empire, and earns around $9 million a year, primarily from his endorsements with Burton, Hewlett Packard, Oakley, Red Bull and Target.  But when you watch him perform, you don’t think about the money he’s made or the empire he’s built.  You see the boy who loves to snowboard and the family who loves to watch him do it.  Now, with his second Gold medal in hand, White and his family have even more to celebrate together.


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