Shaun White ‘Sex’ Scandal: What’s the Big Deal?

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Two-time Olympic gold medal winning snowboarder Shaun White is embroiled in a sex scandal after pictures of him and an unidentified blonde, totally nude, hit the web, apparently without his knowledge or permission.

Of course, being a role model and Olympic champion, Shaun White obviously wants to preserve his, so far, squeaky clean image. Naked pictures of him cavorting with a girlfriend are not exactly the kind of promo fans are used to seeing. But, what’s the big deal?

Rumors are already flying that this leak will harm White’s reputation and career. Why? If these pictures were released by a hacker and meant to stay private, how can he be blamed?

Shaun White is still single and, presumably, has many women dying to get “close” to him. As a young, red-blooded guy, can he be faulted if he indulges? It’s not like he was photographed sucking on a bong, which is still illegal.

How far this “sex scandal” will go is debatable. How many other pictures are out there? Is there a sex tape in the works? Like a lot of well-known celebrities, Shaun White is undoubtedly a prime target for unsavory characters trying to make a buck off his name.

Give the kid a break.

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