Shaun White takes the Gold along with Lindsey Vonn and Shani Davis

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Shaun White has done it again: Won another Gold medal. The professional snowboarder won the gold last night in the men’s snowboarding final at the 2010 winter Olympics.

Shaun put on a really great show. He rocked that halfpipe with his signature move, the dangerous, spiraling Double Mctwist 1260 during a victory lap that was definetly nothing short of epic.

Shaun says:

“I wanted a victory lap that would be remembered, I achieved that.”

Shaun shredded his way to a score of 48.4 on the final run, even though he was already assured of winning the Gold on his first run with a score of 46.8. As the night was coming to a close, Shaun debated with his coaches for a minute, then he made a decision.

Finally, showtime. The moment the fans were waiting for. Shaun jerked his body around the last half of the 3½ twists and crammed two head-over-heels flips.

Also in other Olympic news, Alpine skier, Lindsey Vonn and speedskater, Shani Davis both took home the Gold. All in all it was a great day for the USA with a total 6 overall medals yesterday. This brings thetotal of medals won for USA up to 14.

Way to go to all that won! And to all that have yet to.

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