Shaun White Video shows White’s Double Twist going for the Gold! [VIDEO]

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Shaun White won an Olympic Gold Medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics Vancouver. Shaun White performs what he calls the “McTwist,” and also his double twist in the air.

 This is the 2nd time Shaun White has received a gold medal at the Olympics. White won the half-pipe event with no one even come close to his abilities. White is well known for his crazy, flowing red hair.

During Shaun White’s first round on half-pipe, he scored an amazing 46.8 and he landed both ends of the half-pipe perfectly. During the second run, Shaun White landed some dangerous double flipped landings which earned him 48.4 point by all the judges and they were even unanimous. During the awarding of the gold medals, both Americans, Shaun White for gold and Scotty Lago for bronze, stood proudly listening to the USA’s national anthem.

To see Shaun White go for gold in 2010 Olympics click here:

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