Shaun White Wins Gold on the Halfpipe in the 2010 Olympics (Video)

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Shaun White Wins Gold on the Halfpipe

Shaun White’s gold medal winning performance last night on the halfpipe at the 2010 Olympics still has me in awe.  Being from South Florida, I’m not much into Snowboarding.  I’ve never really heard of Shaun White or seen him in action.

What a treat.

Watching Shaun take on the halfpipe was incredible.  He launched himself high into the air, flying as high as 25 feet higher than the lip of the halfpipe.  Just from watching the few Olympians before him, it was obvious to even me that Shaun has something special. 

During his fist run, Shaun White scored a 46.8 which was a high enough score to guarantee the gold.  His first run was outstanding, but was labeled “conservative” by the announcers. 

If you call his first run outstanding, the second must be referred to as incredible.  Shaun White pulled off the amazing “Double McTwist 1260” on his last move.  The move had him flipping and spinning through the air.  He didn’t have the speed he usually needs to successfully land the move, but he still pulled it off!  White has said that he wants the trick to be called the “Tomahawk” after a huge steak he ate at the Winter X Games in Aspen. 

His final run earned him a score of 48.4. 

You can tell by watching Shaun White, that he truly loves what he does.  He is a talented young athlete and deserves to bask in the glory of his win.  His second gold medal in a row.  Congratulations, Shaun!

You can watch both of Shaun White’s 2010 Olympic performances by visiting  You can click this link to be redirected to the video of Shaun White’s gold medal run.

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