Shaun White’s gold medal run – the Shaun White Double McTwist 1260 video!

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The United States enjoyed a great Wednesday at the 2010 Winter Olympics including skiier Lindsey Vonn winning gold in the Women’s downhill event as her teammate captured the silver.  Meanwhile, there was the nightcap for the Winter games featuring snowboarder Shaun White’s gold medal run.  Now, everyone is talking about the Shaun White Double McTwist 1260 video which displays his impressive victory run capping off his gold medal performance.

White pulled off the 1260 McTwist trick on his final run, scoring a 48.4 to defend his previous Olympics title.  White owned the halfpipe event as he already had a 46.8 in his first run to put himself as the leader.  Shaun’s closest competitor was Finland’s Peetu Piiroinen, who later noted it’s tough to beat Shaun unless he accidentally falls while trying a trick.  White’s teammate Scotty Lago brought home the bronze for the US in the halfpipe.  

White later stated he wanted “a victory lap that would be remembered” and it appears he has just that.  White has noted he wants his move called the “Tomahawk” instead of the double McTwist, naming it after a big 30 ounce steak he ate at the Winter X games.  While it’s unknown whether the new name will take, fans still enjoy White’s well-fitting nickname, “The Flying Tomato”, who was high-flying on Wednesday night in Vancouver.  Check out the Shaun White Double McTwist 1260 video here at from Shaun White’s gold medal run!

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