Shawn Johnson: Life After Retirement

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With Shawn Johnson announcing her retirement from gymnastics Sunday, the inevitable question on everyone’s mind is: What will she do now?

The twenty-year-old lifelong gymnast has decided to retire from her sport after recurrent knee injuries left her unable to compete at the same level. Though she had previously been hopeful for a spot in the 2012 London Olympic games, she’s not staring down the barrel of an uncertain future.

“I’m scared to death to know what the future holds because it’s kind of a blinded road I’ve never thought about, but I’m excited as well. I’m ready to start the journey,” Shawn Johnson said.

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Until now, her schedule has been filled with early morning wake-up calls and day-long practices, a life she has come to know and expect. Now that she no longer has a jam-packed schedule to attend to, she is freed up to pursue other dreams of hers – notably, attending college somewhere like Stanford or Vanderbilt. In the meantime, she’ll spent some time this summer cheering on teammates at the 2012 summer olympics, a feat that will likely be bittersweet.

Whatever she chooses to do, Johnson has set the bar quite high with her previous accomplishments, and she certainly still has a lot of life in store for her!

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