Sheryl Wolfe, Miss Hawaii, Dead at Age 18 From Stroke

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Sheryl Wolfe, who had recently been crowned as Miss Hawaii Teen United States, has died from a stroke at the age of 18.

She had no apparent health problems, and there is no history of strokes in her family. She collapsed as she sat in a high school class, and then lay in a coma for a week.

It’s very rare that someone so young has a stroke, with chances ranging from .06 to two cases for every 100,000 kids and teens, and doctors speculate that she had a blood vessel or clotting abnormality such as an aneurysm or AVM, most of which come on with little to no warning. And not everyone who has an aneurysm experiences a headache.

Other causes of strokes in young people include blows to the head (such as in sports or other high-risk activities), autoimmune diseases and family history. Half of the stroke victims die, and of the other surviving half, most end up with brain damage.

Wolfe was due to compete in the Miss Hawaii Teen World pageant next month.

Wolfe was an organ donor, and at least four people will receive organs from her.

Read more here from the Daily News.


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