She’s Back! Nicki Minaj Reactivates Twitter Account

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Nicki Minaj took a little hiatus from the Twitter world after she lost her cool with her fans. Prior to her departure, one of her fan sites closed up shop after she offended them. She essentially threw a temper tantrum and needed a little time to cool off. After nine whole days, she has reactivated her account.

When asked why she deleted her account, her odd response had people wondering if Nicki was going off the deep end. She claimed voices in her head told her to close up shop on Twitter. Okay, then. Nicki has obviously recognized her folly and decided to try and quietly sneak back in. She has yet to tweet anything, but you better believe; Barbz will be waiting for her first message.

Will she apologize? Probably not. She deactivated her account at a crucial time. Her latest album, Roman Reloaded, has just been released, and Nicki needs all the publicity she can get right now. The “Starships” singer is not getting the reviews she had hoped for on her sophomore album. Her talent as a rapper has been undermined by the pop feel of the album, according to most critics.

Will you still follow Nicki? Reading through various Twitter posts, the overall consensus about Nicki’s return is positive, but there are a few who are not happy with her antics.

“nicki minaj may as well be that teenage girl who deletes and remakes for attention,” states one disgruntled user.

Another Twitter user has his own opinion about why the lady returned, “Pretty coincidental how Nicki Minaj returns to twitter the night before the starships video is set to premiere. Publicity stunt much.”

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