Sheyla Hershey Has World’s Largest Breasts Removed – Latest Attempt Goes Bust (Video)

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Sheyla Hershey has an addiction that almost cost her life. She is known as having the worlds largest breast implants but she has been forced to downsize thanks to declining health. After her last reconstructive breast surgery in Brazil, she quickly developed strep and staph infections in both of her breast. The surgery was performed in Brazil because her size 38M is illegal in the U.S.

Doctors in Richmond Texas, tried to treat the infection with several types of antibiotics and surgeries, but she became critically ill and realized her implants were going to kill her. Specialist performed surgery on September 9th and saw that the damage was severe, which led to complete removal, along with a great deal of tissue in order to save her. Doctors will wait three to four months before considering reconstructive surgery, hopefully there will be enough tissue left to accomplish that.

Even with a special machine that vacuums out the infection 24 hours a day and taking extremely strong antibiotics, the Brazilian born housewife is monitored twice a week. Hershey’s quest for the largest breast has been a bust and hopefully she has had enough and can obsess over something a little less hazardous to her health.

In an interview with Houston Fox News she laments, “Even though I know I love to have huge breasts…I don’t know why, I’m just addicted to it, I’m going to try to live without it.


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