Shia Labeouf Turned Down ‘Social Network’,’127 Hours’, ‘The Bourne Legacy’

Shia Labeouf claims he turned down starring roles in the Social Network, 127 Hours and The Bourne Legacy. Uh, ok, no one even knew Labeouf was even being considered for those roles but uh, sure. Actually, to be precise, what Shia said was that he “walked out of negotiations” with Social Network director David Fincher. Wow, that’s some major arrogance and gull.

In an interview with Details magazine, 25-year-old Labeouf states that he felt Social Network was a “fine movie” but not a “Warren Beatty-type game changer”. The headline for the interview is “Hollywood’s Last Bad Boy.” However, it’s turning out to be more like Shia Labeouf isn’t really a bad boy, he’s just an arrogant little jerk.

Perhaps, Labeouf needs to better assess the scripts given to him because if he felt the Social Network, 127 Hours and The Bourne Legacy were beneath him, well, he’s in for a rude awakening once directors stop wanting to work with him because his attitude is beneath them.

Seriously, has fame gone to Shia Labeouf head? Wasn’t it just yesterday that he was that awkward looking kid with too many curls and lanky limbs? Wow, he’s really grown a pair thanks to the Transformers franchise, hasn’t he? And everyone thought that it was Megan Fox who wore the looney badge from that cast. Oh well, there’s enough craziness to spread around.

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