Shift happens: Will artificial photosynthesis power the world?

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scientificamerican, By David Biello, Mar 3, 2010 05:31 PM

One drinking water bottle could provide enough energy for an entire household in the developing world if Dan Nocera has his way. A chemist from M.I.T. and founder of the company Sun Catalytix, Nocera has developed a cobalt-based catalyst that allows him to store energy the same way plants do: by splitting water.

“Almost all the solar energy is stored in water splitting,” Nocera told the inaugural ARPA-e conference on March 2. Solar Catalytix is among five companies awarded government funding to develop “direct solar fuels,” dubbed “electrofuels” by ARPA-e, the new Advanced Research Projects Agency for transformational energy technologies. “We emulated photosynthesis for large-scale storage of solar energy.”

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