Shirish Kunder and Shahrukh Khan Make Up? SRK Denies Punching Khunder

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The Shirish Kunder and Shahrukh Khan saga continues. Not only has SRK denied punching Shirish, but there is a report that claims these two Bollywood stars have patched things up. Is it all true or merely more gossip?

A recent Bollywood Life report claims that Shahrukh Khan has denied he ever beat up Shirish Kunder at Sanjay Dutt’s party. The party was Sunday evening, and according to one source, SRK says that Shirish kept following him around. SRK apparently asked him to leave him alone several times, and then tried to leave the party venue. However, Shirish blocked him from leaving, which lead to Shahrukh pushing him aside. That’s where SRK’s story of the “incident” ends.

The version that Kunder tells is much different as he said that SRK beat him up and caused his face to swell up. While BL is claiming that these two will never be able to get along in the near future, a report at says otherwise. It claims that Shirish went with Farah Khan to Shahrukh Khan’s home Tuesday evening and patched things up. Their report includes comments from Kunder, who allegedly said:

“Shah Rukh and I have sorted out our differences and our relationship has become stronger. No one knows what actually happened. Everyone is giving their own versions of the story.

Such things happen in parties. We all were drunk and high and so we got into arguments. We sat down, chatted and spoke whatever was there (sic) in our hearts. We have sorted everything for good.”

The report also claims things are patched up between SRK and Farah as well. However, this is just one report, and it’s yet to be reported elsewhere really. It will remain to be seen if this particular report is for real, or gossip. Once other major Bollywood gossip and news sites weigh in, fans should know the real deal. However, the odd comments above from Shirish make it sound like nobody knows the real deal, not even those who were supposedly involved in the fight!

Do you believe that Shahrukh Khan and Shirish Kunder have patched up after their fight?

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