Shirtless Justin Bieber Tweets Sexy Photo of His Super Ripped Abs

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On August 22, Justin Bieber did a serious Miley Cyrus when he tweeted his fans a shockingly sexy, racy treat. The Teen Dream posted a photo of himself showing only his torso. The pic begins just above the level of his collarbone and ends just above his hips–but conveniently below the belt, thereby showcasing his killer abdominals. Yikes. Or perhaps that should be, in Belieber-speak: “Omigod.”

Before true beliebers begin a prolonged collective drool, the question being asked on Justin Bieber fan sites is: Is this really a photo of the Never Say Never star? While it’s impossible to say unequivocally yes or no since the person in the pic is missing his head, the guy with the hot six-pack is probably the Biebs. Even a cursory examination of the photo shows that he sports JB’s signature ink: the vertical Jesus tattoo on the left side of his ribcage and the horizontal bird tattoo on the lower left side of his abdomen. If this is an imposter, he went to a great deal of trouble to get marked up–even temporarily–to impersonate the teen idol. The basic body type is essentially the same as Justin’s, and what can be seen of the background looks remarkably like the boat setting last seen in some of Justin’s planking pictures. Plus, his pants seem to be falling down. That’s a problem which, as all beliebers know, afflicts the real JB from time to time. This is Justin Bieber, and it looks like he’s spending his every spare minute away from Selena Gomez in the gym doing crunches.

A second question making the rounds online is: “Is this headless pic of Justin showing off his body…too racy or too sexy?” No. Not when you consider the number of times, JB has grabbed his crotch onstage, suffered public wardrobe malfunctions in the form of unzipped flies, and even tweeted close-up pics of what appeared to be a bulge in his jean-covered crotch. Not to mention the above-mentioned innumerable occasions on which he’s almost lost his pants completely. No disrespect, but the kid is kind of an exhibitionist.

Just saying. You go, Justin.

Click here to see the photo, Beliebers.

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