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Her grandparents
Were on the front
Porch rocking back
And forth, talking

About the old
Days and how things
Were so different,
And kids these days

Don't know what they
Did at their age;
Her mother was
In the backyard,

Getting the last
Of the washing
Before evening
Crept in about 

Her and never 
Said a darn word;
Her daddy was
Shutting down things

For the black night,
Getting the last
Chore done before
The moon scraped his

Brow and he scratched
His head with thoughts
Of tomorrow;
And she unknown

To them, was then
Being raped by
That Dillinger
Creep over in

The woods, his eyes
Closed, his thick lips
Smacking sickly
Together, and

She now wanting
The stars to look
Away, for her
Voice to carry

To those she loved
Instead of the
Confines of her
Shocked talking head

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