Shocking Ayla Reynolds Update: Father Sought Insurance Before Disappearance

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The Ayla Reynolds case just took another strange twist that is further implicating her paternal family in a suspicious way. In fact, this shocking new update in the case may just be one of the very few definitive clues in the Maine tot’s disappearance since the discovery of blood in the father’s basement.

The latest update in the case of missing child Ayla Reynolds comes as a shocking surprise. It’s being reported that Justin DiPietro had taken out a life insurance policy on the then 20-month-old child a few weeks before she vanished. This is rather disheartening news to hear, and it only lends to a more suspicious cloud hovering above the head of this child’s paternal family.

“In the same week Justin took Ayla from me, he took out a life insurance policy on Ayla. Now, why did he take out that life insurance policy? I’m still trying to figure that one out myself. Because who takes a life insurance policy out on their own child?” Trista Reynolds said.

While it’s not entirely unheard of for parents to get life insurance policies on their children, it’s strange that this is what Justin did quickly after getting her out of her mother’s custody. It’s strange because this man didn’t have a role in his child’s life leading up to this, reportedly. Why all of a sudden an interest in insuring her? It could be totally innocent, but it’s certainly something worth investigating.

In addition to this latest update, a young man was arrested after admitting to vandalizing the home inhabited by Justin DiPietro, his mother and his sister. Nineteen-year-old Jeremy Hanson was violating the terms of a prior jail release, and was booked on criminal mischief along with his violation. He confessed to breaking the windows of the DiPietro home, in the act of vandalism that was reported a couple of weeks ago. At least now the perpetrator in this particular act is known. Now it’s time to work on finding baby Ayla so justice can prevail and closure can be had.

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