Shocking Photos of Beaten Adrienne Maloof Released: Dr. Nassif a Vicious ‘Beast’?

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Disturbing photos of a bruised and beaten Adrienne Maloof from the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” has recently emerged. Are these vicious marks caused by an abusive soon-to-be ex-husband, Dr. Paul Nassif? According to Maloof’s personal chef, Bernie Guzman, yes they are.

Mr. Guzman is tired of hiding the secret lives of Maloof and Nassif. He made a radical move and posted the nude back of Maloof while wearing her hair in a pony tail. The most shocking and horrifying photo showed Maloof with “red welts on her arms and across her back.”

Apparently, Adrienne Maloof did not authorize her chef to publicize her beating, but Guzman believes that Maloof will be relieved that the secret is out. Undoubtedly, Guzman hopes he is right and Maloof will not be angry.

According to Guzman, Dr. Nassif has been in the habit of beating and bruising his “Beverly Hills” wife. Why has this nasty secret not been exposed before a high profile divorce takes place?

Guzman made this statement: “Now you know….Everyone else needs to know. It’s a secret I have kept….he must be stopped. Adrienne did not put me up to this…..I feel everyone needs to know. I’m sure she will be relieved everyone knows.”

Where did Guzman get these nasty pics of Maloof? Apparently they were released as evidence to the court during the volatile divorce war between Nassif and Maloof. Guzman is making some pretty harsh and shocking statements about Nassif. He said, “Now you know who and what he really is. Adrienne Maloof was pushed to the ground. Punched and beaten. He is a beast.”

Is it legal for Guzman to secretly post evidence for Maloof? Couldn’t the personal chef endure punishment for releasing these secret court documents? It would seem that Dr. Paul Nassif’s attorneys would consider this act by Guzman as an invasion of privacy and possibly slanderous.

Undoubtedly, Adrienne Maloof has been hiding her husband’s alleged vicious tendencies. Does she believe this terrible, dark secret has been exposed for all to see? Or is it possible that Maloof secretly authorized her chef to release the photos, but she asked him to keep quiet about her personal involvement in the pictures’ release to the public?

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