Shonda Rhimes Begins Work on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Private Practice’

Shonda Rhimes has headed back into the writing rooms for her three ABC series. This week, the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and Scandal had to bounce around from her three series to start working on scripts for the new fall seasons. She does have her work cut out for her. Major changes happened in recent weeks on two of the series, and Scandal is still very much a series in development with only seven episodes under its belt.

Wet Paint reported the following about the work Rhimes is doing:

“Sitting in the PP writers room today! Was at GA yesterday and will be at Scandal tomorrow! Loving seasons 9, 6 and 2!”

What does Rhimes have to deal with? On Grey’s Anatomy, the writer has to figure out what will happen next at Seattle Grace-Mercy. With Lexie’s death, Teddy’s departure, and more deaths possible, she has her work cut out for her there. Many of the new surgeons were also offered jobs elsewhere, but the cast members behind them did sign new contracts. How will she explain them sticking around Seattle if she decides to keep them all around.

Over on Private Practice, Tim Daly is out, and Kate Walsh says she will be done with the series after her thirteen episodes contracted for season six are complete. Rhimes will have to explain Daly’s exit and wrap up things to end the series well for the fans and the characters.

Scandal is Rhimes’ latest series, and it became an instant hit. There is more in store for the second season, and fans will have to wait to find out about secret identities and Cyrus the mastermind.

Shonda Rhimes seems to strike ratings gold more often than not. She did have one failed series in Off the Map, but she has been able to successfully keep fans tuning in for Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice for several seasons now.

What will she do next?

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