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As the economy is still rough going for many, it gives some survivors hope as to how they look at money.  They realize that some generic or store brand foods are just as good as brand or gourmet names, it doesn’t hurt to alternate driving with public transportation at least once a week and unless they were born into money, investing can bring more rewards than shopping.

Now I love to shop as well but I learned early that jumping on every fashion trend can be wasteful as well as embarrassing (the Day-Glo colors or extreme shoulder pads from the 80s, over-sized clothes with Doc Martens or Timberland boots from the 90s…see what I’m talking about).  When I worked as a temp, there was always a person who bragged about their Kate Spade bag or Prada shoes but later that day, wished they could afford to live on their own or get a newer car.  Face it, unless you are a celebrity who was given that Versace or Alexander McQueen outfit to wear at an event for free, chances are you really don’t need them to work at an office job.

In this economy, many people are shopping at mass discounters more than ever – not just for household items, either.  Several major brand designers have created a line especially for those living frugally and bring high traffic to discount retailers.

While I’m not an investment whiz, looking at the financial climate lets me make practical choices in stocks.  I can’t endorse or encourage but here’s some tips that helped me get started.  Remember, it is better to own a share of Guess instead of a pair of their sandals that probably costs a couple days’ pay.

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