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Vampire (End is not the End)

You must be careful what you wish for sometimes because life can show no mercy. Ye, who enter shall be damned for all time. Come all seekers of immortality and seekers of power all who enter these gates. I am a viper, a leach and I offer you these things, I do for he who stands in my door way shall be lost to my power for all time. In death new life is born onto earth to live in shadow as I do and to take all life that passes these crossroads. The night is my domain almost with a living breathing pulse where magical powers beacon imagination. A story told from time to time about the vampire gives the world warning that I have existed for the last 800 years, though no life beats in these veins. You must be careful what you wish for sometimes or life could take you to me. The dark, it separates the hunted from the hunter and keeps me from day, but I can still taste the sweet taste of the Sheep you shelter. Abandon all hope trade your pain for immortality, your truth for grey and enter and become what I have become.Look into the eyes of one lost and become lost yourself. Live forever with a thirst that won’t quench. Becoming a Vampire is not a gift it is being forsaken, forever and ever.

Between the Sun and the Moon

The Earth is round like the circle of life, Birth to Death it gives us nourishment, water to cool our soul and food to quiet the rumbling in our center. We hunt for food as we are hunted, so we can survive, so we can return to the Earth. As the Bear has sharp teeth and claws we have the bowie knife and the bow and arrow our minds are our strength as the Bear has brut strength. The sprit of the Earth sees through the eye of the Eagle as he sours high above us. It is the sprit of the Earth that warms us with fire and blesses us with the seasons so we can know as our Forefathers knew time has no end. Smoke from fire rises up and unveils two Families one the Father and one the Mother join and give to us a new life and birth of a generation. The old one will show the new one a vision of perseverance and strength the way of our Tribe. As a Tree reaches for the Sun so shall the new one reach manhood and learn to know the sprit world this never ending quest between the Sun and the Moon.

Plain Black & White Void

Made of wood and canvas I am the plain white void that reflects all the colors of the spectrum, placed on top of worthless and discarded artwork in the attic. Through a window in the attic I see a seed planted in the garden. Days have gone by then weeks and behold a beautiful red and yellow flower appears soaking up all the rays of the sun. I feel a chill as I am pulled from this place and set up in front of the shiny new flower outside under the sun. My void was filled with red & yellow, brown & green, given a name and a shiny new frame of gold. Bold and behold everyone looks upon me saying inspiring things about my creator. Months go by and the Flower wilts and dies forever lost. Then years go by and my creator becomes ill and dies but I still exist to show what once was. Some hundred years goes by and I find myself encased in glass sealed and put on display. I am shielded from the world who also wants me forever lost so others mite see my beauty. I have been touched by few seen by thousands and still I reflect, I am the fiery red and yellow flower. Bold and behold the plain white void that once reflected all the colors of the spectrum soon to die and turn black in the darkness I hear whispering words about my creator. Once there was a painting of a red and yellow flower that had a frame of gold it was beautiful.

The Endless Blue

Be like water conform to the journey ahead, the quest becomes endless but the path comes to the point. Upon the sand a glimpse of a land far away separated by waves of time. Sunlight, Sea water and a motionless Blue Sky unfolds a journey for the eye to behold. The mind takes the step though the senses behold the way to enlightenment. A vast endless array of colors change from eye to eye as the diversity becomes waves upon the shore. Because water is its self shore to shore its mass becomes divided in its purest form as the mind bends to the point of obscurity. Drenched with the knowledge we evolve to the point of conformity to be like water at its purest form.

The Golden Egg (The day time begun and ended)

The day that time begun and ended at the same time, at the same place. It just doesn’t matter how or why the atomic age started or who unlocked the door or what war would be in the future. What does matter is the reason it didn’t matter and why, because everyone I ever knew would leave this place this very day. When the morning came I felt time begin although why or how it would end I knew not. I found myself smack dab in the middle of the calm before the storm. The birds were singing in bliss, children were playing in the streets while the sky was clear and blue, everything seemed normal as any other day. I felt myself enter a very peculiar silence that was overwhelming as I watched peoples lips moving without sound as if the whole World stopped but didn’t. I then heard the hum of planes overhead and thought to myself this sound must be important but could not fathom why. I looked back on the hustle and bustle of the city and everything seemed to be moving slower than usual like time was out of whack. In this moment I started to remember the good in my life, my Mother holding my hand when I was young, my bike when it was new and all the times I looked back on things I did and felt pride. I felt a vibration in my stomach like the roar of an airplane motor becoming closer and closer. Then I felt an overwhelming sensation that something very bad was about to happen but at the same time knew I was powerless to change it. I started daydreaming of a big silver bird that dropped a golden egg splattering all over the city. Then all at once I felt a vibration in my stomach like the roar of a plane. I looked up to see a silver plane shining in the sun as it dropped a bomb. The minuet it took to fall to the ground became an hour and I saw the future. My great Japanbecame a circle of blood as the red dot on the Japanese Flag then my great ruler who I thought was a God, Hirohito would bow down before the atom. I saw a cold war and peace for a long time but it was in the shadow of an atomic holocaust.  Then in slow motion I saw the Fat Man strike the Earth where I stood. I heard a click then a clank, clank and then a sound so loud it made silence forever. I looked down upon myself and saw my body mass mix with everything around me as my voice lingered though I ceased to exist. I then became a hot wind that flowed outward in every direction at once as I saw my own fear on everyone’s face that I touched. At the same time I reached for the sky trying to claim back the silver bird that shined in the sun. I became as bright as the sun but only put a gleam on the wings of the plane as it disappeared to a place under the sun. As if ever there where things that would never be the same again for all who know what happened here although we all shall share this glory forever more.

Unholy Trinity

I shall look into the eyes of Death but I shall fear no evil. It and for all the quickened shall I be cast onto the Earth at end of days. When seven seals broken and the Four Horseman ride, and alas a pale horse and his rider was death and Hell followed with him. No man shall know the time or place for wince I come to fight with all the armies of man. The center of Earth a 10 Country Super Power ran by an Unholy Trinity, The Antichrist the Unholy Spirit and headed by the Devil himself. All of man shall be marked by the number of the Beast its number equates to Six Hundred and Sixty, Six. With one religious yoke and all within its sphere shall worship the Beast and give him the power to do his bidding. And as I watched all the armies of the Beast were brought to a place called Megiddoto fight with. As I looked to the sky’s all the mountains fell out of there place and man cursed God for this and was brought to dust while the sound still lingered, there shall be two suns.  Then the Beast and all his disciples shall be cast into a lake of fire and peace shall rule the World for 1000 years.

The River Take a journey to the center of your mind a deep and dark twisting and turning way through space and time to a diverse origin of dimension. There a key was forged from gold that unlocks a gate to sunlight and warmth. I looked back on life and saw the end of days and behold all the quickened were revealed. When the heart stopped blood flowed into the river Styx and all and all was not and never to be again. I heard voice call out believe in thy self and wonders shall be revealed, you shall live forever. Then another voice said come and see, better to rein in Hell than to serve in Heaven. Choose live and live forever, choose death and escape to a place blue from cold.

Take this journey to the center of your mind and levels of light unwind, Love, Peace and Faith reveal a path of light. Like through a pane of glass the soul unwound the good should outweigh the bad as the journey begins. But then in a moments glance a Snake appeared and on a whim injected the sins of Adam holding all Worldly things as this journey ends, The River.

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