Short Summary of The Book of Amos

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Short Summary of The Book of Amos

Written By: Randy Jones

 Amos: The book of Amos is a narrative to the call again of God’s people to repent. Amos was a shepherd and a fruit picker from the Judean village of Tekoa when he received his calling from God. The mission of Amos was to Israel and it was one of impending doom because of their sins. The sins that Amos chasten Israel over are the neglect of Gods word as well as idolatry and pagan worship. Amos did not have the background of a priest, yet God still used him to pronounce judgments on all surrounding nations and even his own of Judah and the worst going to Israel. The ministry of Amos takes place as Jeroboam 2 reigns over Israel and Uzziah reigns over Judah. Even through all of this, as God’s chasten is quick to come on the nations, the book of Amos ends with God’s promise to restore Israel and never again uproot her.

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