Shots Fired at Carlsbad Elementary School – Two Students Wounded, Gunman Identified

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The gunman who opened fire at Kelly Elementary School in Carlsbad, California on Friday has been identified as 41-year-old Brendan L. O’Rourke of Oceanside. According to a CBS news report, O’Rourke opened fire just after noon yesterday on the school’s playground, wounding two young girls ages 6 and 7. Luckily, the girls were not seriously injured.

Construction worker Carlos Partida witnessed the gunman leaving the playground following the shooting. He told a local news station that he jumped into his car and drove after the gunman. He and another construction worker, Mario Contreras, were able to detain the gunman until police arrived at the scene. According to Carlsbad Police, O’Rourke, believed to have acted alone, is being booked into the Vista jail charged with six counts of attempted murder and numerous weapon charges.

The gunman was dressed in all black and was carrying a gas tank, which some witnesses said to have looked like a jack-o-lantern. He appeared to be firing randomly and was heard ranting something about the president according to Terry Lynn. Lynn witnessed the shooting from his window and immediately ran to the scene. He helped the construction workers restrain the gunman while waiting for the police.

The school was placed on lockdown and parents waited anxiously at a nearby park worrying about their children.

Apparently O’Rourke was issued a valid security guard’s license from the state of California. The license, however, does not permit him to carry a gun. A preliminary background check showed only minor traffic violations in the state of Illinois, where he has a previous address and relatives. He currently resides in Oceanside at the Canyon Creek Apartments. Neighbors have described him as a loner with a temper and have called police on him in the past for his erratic behavior. O’Rourke has no felony history.





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