Should Blake Lively Come Clean About Nude Photos?

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Blake Lively is in the middle of a nude photo scandal, but at this point, people actually believe the pictures are really of her. There are so many pictures, and the more she denies that they are of her, the more pictures are released as if to prove her wrong. She is the latest celebrity to have nude photos leak on the internet – you’d think people would learn…
Blake Lively 2011 Shankbone
Anyway, Lively should just own up to the pictures if they are in fact hers, shouldn’t she? That doesn’t mean that her lawyers shouldn’t seek legal action, but if she is lying about them, it’s a little pointless. Okay, so maybe if she admitted it, her pictures would be searched for even more, but who cares? She took the pictures – evidently she knows she’s hot. Again, this is assuming that the photos are of her.

“Blake’s lawyers have fired back, saying these pics are not really her — despite obvious evidence to the contrary. I say just own the pics, Blake — you’re so hot and these naked shots certainly illustrate that,” says William Earl over at Hollywood Life. Totally agree.

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