Should Clay Aiken Have Won ‘Celebrity Apprentice?’

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Should Clay Aiken have won Celebrity Apprentice instead of Arsenio Hall? Did Donald Trump say “You’re fired,” to the wrong celebrity? That’s what some people are saying.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, ‘Celebrity Apprentice got it all wrong.’ In fact, Clay’s team even earned more money for his charity than Arsenio’s did for his.

Donald Trump appeared on The Today Show Monday morning following the Celebrity Apprentice finale, and struggled to justify his decision of choosing Arsenio over Clay. He claims that Clay losing a challenge one week compared to Arsenio never having lost one was the last deciding factor in his difficult decision.

People are actually speculating that Arsenio Hall’s Celebrity Apprentice win is part of an underlying plan to reintroduce the comic to late night TV. He even mentioned how his experience has fostered his enthusiasm for a return to show business.

“This show — [Trump] believing in me, NBC believing in me — has kind of allowed me to re-enter [the TV world]” Arsenio said. “The greatest builder in the world has built a bridge I’m going to walk across back into into show business.”

If that is in fact what’s going on, Donald Trump will no doubt receive and revel in all the glory of Hall’s success.

Do you think Clay Aiken got screwed out of his deserving title of Celebrity Apprentice? Is there more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye?

Did you want Arsenio to win or were you hoping Clay Aiken would reign victorious?

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