Should ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Kate Gosselin go home to her kids?”

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John and Kate Plus 8. Kate Plus 8. Twist of Kate. Whatever she is called these days, things aren’t working out so well. She is now on Dancing with the Stars, and being ridiculed by the media and the judges for her lackluster performances. Apparently ABC is using the term “Stars” loosely these days.

I won’t even discuss the dancing. All I will say is: Stiff as a board, awkward moves and fake smiles plastered across your face does not a dancer make. How she has survived the past few eliminations, I am not quite sure.

I will admit, I watched John and Kate Plus 8. Mostly for the cute kids, who had no idea what kind of world they were being thrown into. I am not going to judge, because I have not been in her shoes. If I was struggling with money, hankered down with 8 kids, maybe I would have accepted a lucrative reality television deal. So I am not even saying I blame Kate for her past decisions.

What I am saying, is look at her life now. Would she say it’s all been worth it? Successful TV show canceled? Check. About to be ex-husband going through a mid-life crisis in front of the whole world, dating twenty-somethings looking for their 15 minutes of fame? Check. 8 kids whose mom is 3,000 miles away most of the time, trying to hang onto HER 15 minutes? Check. Finally, most embarrassing of all, “dancing” on a show meant for stars? Check.

Kate, from one woman to another: Take your money and go back to Pennsylvania. Enjoy your adorable children and step away from the limelight. Go back to how it used to be, without the red carpets and flashbulbs. Just be Kate, a mom. No clever television name necessary.


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