Should Demi Lovato be Handing Out Dating Advice?

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Demi Lovato must really know what she is talking about! Who is the first person people think of when they want dating advice? Demi, really? What about singing tips, or acting tips? Still, the young singer/actress wanted to talk boys.

Well, whether one wants it or not, Lovato was handing out her take on dating, boys, and all things dealing with relationships just this past week on Twitter. Lovato decided that her more than six million followers must read and follow her dating tips:

If he wants to talk to you, HE will call/text you. If he doesn’t, then he doesn’t want to. Never call the guy first. #dating problems.

Question for Demi: Did she figure this out before or after she met Wilmer Valderrama? (Must Read: Wilmer talks about dating Demi)

But, wait there is more… Demi Lovato reminds girls to sit by the phone, waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Talk about desperate:

the hard part is waiting for that moment if you really like them.. Or getting disappointed when your phone rings and it’s not him.

Is Demi Lovato even in a position to talk about love? Yeah, she does seem a bit old-fashioned in her ways. The whole dating advice thing though, just seems so sad. Why would a girl like Demi, with all the talent in the world, waste one second sitting by the phone waiting for that ‘one guy’ to call her?

Ms. Lovato can surely do better for herself and give better advice than this to her 6 million Twitter followers, right?

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