Should employers have the right to discriminate against employees with a tatto?

If discrimination is wrong, should employers have the right to discriminate against an employee because he or she has a tattoo? I saw this article where this young man had 80 tattoos on his body and had to cover it with make-up.

In my conservative opinion, he looks weird, so now, he wants to make a big fuss about having to cover up his tattoo art. If that’s the case and people keep complaining about discrimination, then employers will just stop hiring people who don’t fit the norm.

It is interesting to discuss because my daughter who is 17 wants to get a tattoo. I told her she could when she is 18, but she needs to put it were she can cover it up. Then, I saw this article. Many Americans seem to want to complain about discrimination, but I believe they make themselves targets when they color their hair purple, spike it, or wear odd clothes and tattoos, what do you think?

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