Should Gather Ban Buzz spam?

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I see so much Buzz spam, well I call I spam as here on Gather it is about writing and not about self promotion of consumer products. I have seen so many "NEW" members loging on as a member and then flooding every page with Buzz spam. I am of the firm belief Gather should have a more stringent member joining system, maybe a new member should have to have an initiation from a fellow member who has been on the site for longer than 1 month and who has a minimum of 3 approved posts before they join? Should they be members of groups before they post? Should all posts have photos attached?

And all members should have to submit an approved photo for an icon before they post, they can change it later, but they should be a better way than the way at present where teams of Site Buzz agents sitting in Buzz marketing rooms (aka Telemarketing rooms) just flood OUR Gather. Once a Pc id is found to be spamming Buzz ads, it should be recorded in a data base and banned from joining a site, there could also be a international network where these Pc id's are listed for future blocking between sites. They will eventually get sick of buying new Pc id's so they cam spam.

I see a new member William Williams, is posting everything from porn sites to exercise equipment and software packages. The sooner Gather does something about this, the better it will be.

I do notice Gather Buzz agents don't seem to sh..t in their own back yard, by posting their buzz ads here.


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