Around the city I live in, I see people flying flags from countries all over the world, from the front of their homes or from poles in their yards. Something I also notice is the absence of the American flag flying right along beside these foreign flags. Most of the time, I ignore it and couldn't really care less. But, other times, it starts to bother me.

The times that it bothers me is when I think about myself moving to another country to live and imagining myself putting a big American flag right in front of my residence for everyone to see. What would my reasoning be for doing such a thing?? Am I trying to tell my neighbors that I am from the United States and proud of it?? Or am I somehow thumbing my nose at them and saying that my country is better than theirs??

If I love the United States so much, why did I move to another country in the first place?? And, if I have such little respect for the country I moved to or became a citizen of, then what am I doing there?? If I decide to permanently move to Mexico, for example, and I decide to officially become a full-fledged Mexican citizen. Should I not consider Mexico my home country and fully and completely embrace it as the nation that I now pledge my allegiance to??

Shouldn't this be just as true for anyone who permanently becomes a citizen of the United States?? When someone becomes an American citizen doesn't that make the American flag become their flag?? I mean, they are "Americans" now, aren't they?? And, if they are Americans, isn't the American flag their country's flag now?? So, shouldn't the American flag be the flag they fly in front of their house??

I should add that I am not saying that there is anything wrong with them having the flag from the country of their origin in their homes. Or even flying their native country's flag right along side the American flag. What I am talking about is someone who becomes a citizen of the United States and flies the flag of the country they came from as if that flag were still the flag of their country. Because, if they become a citizen of the United States, then the flag of the United States should be the flag of their country.

Do you think that there should be a law stating that if someone flies a flag from another country other than the United States, they should be required to fly the American flag right along beside it or, preferably, above it?? And, if anyone tries to fly a flag other than the flag of the United States without also flying the American flag along with it, they should be forced to either take down and remove that flag or fly the American flag beside it??

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