Should Kim Kardashian Be Mad at Bruce Jenner for Not Supporting New Relationship?

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Kim Kardashian’s step father Bruce Jenner has been a part of her life for many years and he obviously wants the best for her. After the devastating divorce drama with Kris Humphries, Bruce went public to say that he had to approve the next man in her life. And now that Kim has gone public with her new relationship with Kanye West, Bruce thought it was appropriate for him to say that he didn’t necessarily think it was the best fit for Kim. Even after talking to Kim about it, he isn’t as excited about her moving on as her mother and sisters.

Well, now Hollywood Life is taking Kim’s side and the website believes that Kim should be very mad with Bruce Jenner. Although he said he wanted to approve her next man to ensure she doesn’t get hurt, it is hurtful to say that he isn’t excited about the relationship because he is underestimating her judgment. Bruce should have stayed silent on the matter; the talk in Boston wasn’t about Kim Kardashian.

So, did Kanye do something to Bruce Jenner to not get his approval? Well, Hollywood Life is reporting that Kanye never did anything to Bruce and he doesn’t have a problem with the rapper. However, his comment was about Kim’s behavior. Bruce knows that Kim is in love with the idea of love, so as soon as one man gives her attention, she is already planning the wedding. He wants her to be careful about entering a relationship with a new man, even if it wasn’t Kanye.

However, Bruce should still respect Kim’s privacy instead of speaking out. While the gossip website believes Kim should be very mad with Bruce, she should at least talk to him and let him know that speaking out about her love life shouldn’t be done to a group of people. If he has a problem with her and Kanye, he should talk to her about it—alone.

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