Should Obama have apologized to Muslims for burning of Quran?

Newt Gingrich and others have blasted President Obama over his apology to Karzai and Muslims over the “unintentional” burning of the Quran.

First of all, how do you burn a holy book unintentionally? Next, what did President Obama think the people of Afghanistan would do? He is such a wimp! They have killed two Americans since our sweet President Obama apologized, and they plan on killing and beating as many as they can. So What good does an apology do?

President Bush apologized when a soldier shot a Quran once, but no one is defending Bush. Afghans hate our guts, and it doesn’t matter what you say or how you apologize. President Obama seems weak to the Afghanistan people, and apologizing just makes him seem weaker.

How would Ronald Reagan have handled it? He would have told them to get over themselves. He laughed at people like these, and he led through strength.

Oh, I’m so sorry. Nonsense. It doesn’t change their anti-American feelings, and when is President Karzai going to apologize for the two Americans his folks killed?

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