Should One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Be Gay? Blogger Says Yes!

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Louis Tomlinson has a girlfriend, but one blogger thinks the One Direction cutie should have a boyfriend instead.

Now‘s Louis Boroditsky writes in a tongue-in-cheek blog post that 1D’s Louis should be gay, and he gives three reasons for his thinking.

Reason No. 1: Louis knows how to dress himself. “The self-confessed fashion junkie’s by far the most stylish member of the boy band. In fact, he might be one of the best-dressed men on the planet,” the blogger writes. Louis does look pretty hot in his suspenders (although he wears his pants too low, which makes his legs look stubby), but all the 1D guys dress to impress, so this doesn’t apply only to him.

Reason No. 2: Louis’ “Larry Stylinson” bromance with bandmate Harry Styles is just too cute. But the bromance “would be that much cuter if he was gay too, showing straight men everywhere that there’s nothing more valuable than a gay wingman. I can’t think of a girl out there whose heart wouldn’t melt at a genuinely platonic hetero-homo friendship,” the blogger writes. Louis and Harry are definitely cute together. Zayn Malik’s been getting in on their action too, grabbing both Louis and Harry recently. But the 1D guys obviously don’t have to worry about attracting ladies, so a gay Louis really wouldn’t help them pick up more chicks.

Reason No. 3: Louis has good genes. “Louis’ going to age better than the rest of One Direction. “… A boy who will never have the need for Botox is a highly prized asset that ensures a long and illustrious career in the gay community,” the blogger writes, adding that he believes Louis “will sail through middle age straight into silver fox territory.” Louis’ got 20 years before he hits middle age, so he really doesn’t have to worry about that yet. He might not even be in the entertainment industry by then. But if he is (or even if he’s not) and he’s worried about maintaining his looks, he can certainly afford Botox, a face lift, hair plugs, etc. At this point, all the 1D guys can afford that stuff!

Actually, by blogger Louis’ reasoning, since the 1D guys are all fashionable, friendly with each other and can afford plastic surgery, they should all be gay!

It’s common for boy bands to have gay members, such as Lance Bass from *NSync and the New Kids on the Block’s Jon Knight (allegedly). But whether Louis is gay, straight or bi, who cares? He’s talented and seems like a good guy. One Direction will be successful regardless of whether he’s “the king of metrosexuals or the next gay messiah.” And his fans will likely love him no matter what!

What do you think? Should Louis Tomlinson be gay? Do you love him no matter what? Sound off in the comments!

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