Should People Judge Rick Perry by the Company He Keeps?

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Do you believe that a man who keeps company with people of questionable character is a man who is, himself, a man of questionable character? If so, then Rick Perry might be in trouble with voters.

Already having experienced a loss in the polls, more damning information about the company Rick Perry keeps continues to emerge. People all know Ted Nugent is a washed up rocker. But did you know that he and Perry are close friends? Did you also know that Nugent’s a rabid Tea Party conservative, a racist, and gun-happy dillweed who dodged the draft during Vietnam? And, oh yeah, he encouraged Rick Perry to allow “hunters” to shoot wild hogs from helicopters…and that President Obama can suck on the end of his machine gun barrel.

Keep it classy, Perry. Keep it classy.

Perry and Nugent aren’t just hunting buddies, they’re tight. So tight that during the governor’s inauguration ball in 2007, Nugent was the headline act, during which he spewed vitriol against non-English speakers, used machine guns as props and wore the Confederate flag proudly on a T-shirt. They’re so close that Perry’s minions made excuses for this atrocious behavior after the performance stirred controversy among the masses.

Perry’s spokesman, Robert Black, said, “Ted Nugent is a good friend of the governor’s. He asked him if he would play at the inaugural. He didn’t put any stipulation of what he would play.”

Ted Nugent is so reviled by hunting enthusiasts that he’s banned from hunting in Kansas. He flouts the laws. He shoots at anything that moves and doesn’t care about limits or what prey is in season. If it moves, he’s going to shoot. And he kills with glee. A hunting guide who accompanied Nugent on a trip was so disgusted with his behavior called Nugent’s hunting practices “unethical,” refusing to hunt with him again.

But, Perry continues to call the guy friend, continues to hunt with him, and hasn’t even attempted to distance himself from the vile and repulsive character.

Now, some people might bring Jesus into this, stating that Jesus himself hung out with sinners and whores. Sure, he did, and he never hid that aspect of his life. But one major difference exists between Perry and Jesus and it is this: Jesus didn’t knowingly put to death innocent men and tell people he was proud of it.

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