Should Pregnant Casey Anthony Have Forced Abortion?

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Casey Anthony sure does love the spotlight, or so it seems given all the attention she has gotten and continues to get. The latest updates to the Casey Saga are disturbing to say the least. First of all, a court date is set to determine whether or not Tot Mom can auction off the rights to her life story in order to pay for her financial troubles accumulated in the court systems and in her bankruptcy. That’s not the only update, and the next one is the worst of all:

Casey is reportedly pregnant.

If this is true, then she certainly didn’t waste anytime getting knocked up after being acquitted of the heartless murder of her last child. News of her alleged pregnancy has unsurprisingly angered many people—some of which are calling for her to be forced to abort, and then even be sterilized and stopped from procreating.

Harsh, eh?

It depends on how you look at it. Casey Anthony is the most hated woman in America, and now she’s telling people that she is pregnant while hoping to shop around her life story in the middle of a bankruptcy—where she’ll undoubtedly screw several people out of thousands of dollars owed to them. There is no question why people are angered at the mere mention of her name, but to hear that she’s pregnant probably pushes some people over the edge—especially Florida taxpayers.

On April 9th Casey’s trustee Stephen Meininger will find out whether or not he can sell the rights to her story, which comes around the same time someone has offered to pay her $10,000 to never sell her story. It was written here on Gather News how much of a joke that amount is, and now it’s even more of a joke of Casey is pregnant.

As for the protesters demanding that Casey undergo an abortion, they need to get real. This is the United States and no matter how hated a person is, she cannot be forced to undergo such a procedure. However she’s already proven herself to be an unfit mother in that it’s widely known that she failed to report her murdered child missing for an entire month while she partied it up with friends. In fact, several states are considering and have passed laws named after and influenced by this wannabe “mother of the year”.

So it’s safe to say that any children brought into her life will be watched closely by officials wherever she may be. Casey is part of the system now whether she wants to admit it or not, and whether she’s on probation or not, she’s known everywhere as a possible threat to children—regardless of her acquittal. So it’s not completely far fetched to consider the possibility that any kids she has could be taken away from her.

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