Should ‘Real Housewives’ Marlo Return Next Season?

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Marlo Hampton was the newest addition to the cast this season and she has made quite an impression. Not only was she quick to brag about her designer closet packed with handbags and shoes sponsored by her sugar daddy, but she also made quite the impression by using some anti-gay slurs while in a verbal fight with Sheree Whitfield in Africa. However, the idiocy came after when she downright denied using the slur in front of Miss Lawrence once they returned home. Yes, she is that stupid. It was caught on camera, yet she is denying everything.

How rich is Marlo Hampton?Well, now people are talking about Marlo and whether she will become a permanent addition to the cast. She seems to be kissing NeNe’s feet and getting in fights with everyone else. And therefore, none of the other housewives are too happy with Hampton and with NeNe out the door, Marlo could be on her own on the next season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Marlo herself doesn’t know what her status with the show is, writing “with endings are new beginnings! I look forward to seeing what’s next,” in her Bravo blog.

However, if you ask Kandi, Marlo probably won’t be returning to the show. Sure, the 7 arrest records did sound appealing, but Marlo hasn’t proven anything. “I think she was trying to get a job and stay on Housewives because right now, she’s NOT a housewife,” Kandi recently write in her Bravo blog. “It doesn’t look like she accomplished anything because she’s still not a housewife, and I don’t think she ever will be,” Kandi continues. And she does have a point. What has Marlo proven on the show? She isn’t an official housewife and she doesn’t have something going on for herself. It seems that the drama of the arrests fell flat this season.

Do you want to see Marlo on the next season of the show?

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