Should Robert Pattinson Dump Kristen Stewart?

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Do you think Robert Pattinson should dump Kristen Stewart for cheating on him with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders? Or do you think he should forgive her transgressions and move on with their relationship?

It seems that many people are pro-Rob in this latest relationship debacle to come out of Hollywood. In fact, one writer at Hollywood Life feels Rob should definitely dump Kristen and get out while the getting is good.

“First off, you got cheated on — and that sucks. But what’s way worse is the fact that there Profile Picture are pictures EVERYWHERE of K-Stew, 22, making out (and more?) with 41-year-old Rupert. The whole world has seen you getting played like a fool, so you need to move on. Everyone will think you’re pathetic if you don’t,” Hollywood Life’s William Earl says.

He certainly speaks the truth, and furthermore fans are wondering if Kristen Stewart’s apology was truly a sincere one.

“First off, if she is so sad and loves you so much, maybe she shouldn’t have cheated in the first place! Did she forget she had a boyfriend? Did she forget that you were in love? Let’s face it: she’s just sad she got caught,” Earl adds.

Well, that was technically ‘second off,’ Earl, but your point is definitely a good one–and one that fans have likely pondered ever since she made the prepared statement.

Do you agree with William Earl? Should Robert Pattinson simply cut his losses and find someone new? You know the old adage–once a cheater, always a cheater? If he takes Kristen back, is he simply setting himself up for more misery?

Kristen Stewart has made quite a mess of things, but it’s not too late for Rob to save himself. He can disappear for a few months and re-emerge in time for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 promos in the fall–maybe even with a brand new woman–someone who doesn’t have the reputation of a cheater.

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