Should Society Embrace Honey Boo Boo?

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Should American society embrace Honey Boo Boo and her self-proclaimed redneck family? Have some folks been unjustly cruel when discussing TLC’s latest reality phenomenon?

According to a report from the Times-Standard, perhaps. And they make a valid case as to why.

Alana Thompson (honey boo boo child) They say the show is “like a cartoon with real people in it. Sort of like FOX News. It features a cute yet chunky little 7-year-old pageant child, Alana Thompson and her unpolished family. There’s her hard-working, overweight mother, June; her father, Sugar Bear, who attends all of his daughter’s pageants; and her spunky teenage sisters, one of whom was pregnant. They go ‘dumpshopping,’ and mud bogging and they bob for pig feet at the local fair. They also pinch pennies to get by, respect and love others (including their gay uncle) and raise money for canned food for local charities.”

Have people erroneously dissed Alana and her family because of their perceived lack of class and social graces? Does that class really matter more than giving to the poor? Does it matter more than the closeness of a solid family unit?

The show itself is wildly popular, but more because people like to poke fun at it and its characters than anything else. But if you compare the Thompson family to say, the Kardashians–who really are the better people?

Yes, Kim Kardashian and the whole Keeping Up With the Kardashians clan donates oodles of cash every year to charities, but they also have more money than most people can even fathom. Does their generosity make the Thompson family’s any less generous?

There’s even a passage in the Bible where the wealthy man ‘sacrifices’ loads of money at the altar and makes fun of the poor woman’s paltry donation. That few cents was worth his millions in her mind, no doubt.

Maybe talk show hosts and critics should ease up a bit on the entire Here Comes Honey Boo Boo family when poking fun. But it has to be a two-way street of sorts. Maybe the Shannon family can stop playing games where they burp in one another’s faces for fun, and teach little Alana that her ‘biscuit’ is really called a vagina. Then a truce of sorts can maybe be called.

Do you think the media pokes too much fun of this family?

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