Should Tennis Player Sarah Gronert Be Allowed to Play Women’s Tennis?

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22 year old tennis player Sarah Gronert has stirred up some controversy, but it’s not about steroids this time; it’s about her gender. Seems Sarah Gronert was born with both male and female genitalia, but after undergoing surgery to remove her male genitalia, she’s medically certified as female.


Having won two of the nine tournaments she’s entered in the last three years, Sarah Gronert is poised to possibly become one of the top female tennis stars. But many feel she has an unfair advantage due to her genetic condition, even her coach commenting how she doesn’t serve like a woman.


My Take: I’m torn on this one. While I feel Sarah Gronert should be allowed to live her life as a woman, it does seem a little unfair to the other women in the tennis circuit. If another woman were to inject testosterone into herself to increase her ability, it would be considered cheating, but Sarah Gronert may have higher levels of testosterone naturally. But then again, all athletes who compete at the professional level are genetically gifted beyond the norm.


So I guess I say let Sarah Gronert play.

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