Should the CIA Lie to Congress?

NO?  Why?  Are all Congressmen and women trustworthy?  Is the CIA not a secret police force.  Right now, Democrats are demanding the Leon Panetta reveal that he indeed has knowledge that the CIA has kept information from Congress.  At first, Panetta denied it, but now, the good two shoe congress demands full truth.  But can they handle the truth?  Are we safe with some perverts who play with frozen money in their freezers or have affairs in Venezuela etc. to have full knowledge of secrets that keep our country safe.  If the CIA reveals all, there is no CIA.  It is the job of the CIA to disseminate information, not to dish it out like candy for Congress to use as a partisan weapon.

Do we really want the truth?  Do we really want to know how much the Taliban is plotting against us, and how the CIA keeps secrets to keep us safe.  Do you trust Congress or do you trust the CIA to do the job Congress hired them to do?

I’m going with the CIA.

I know Obama wants open government, but he is quickly realizing much to his credit, that that is not always realistic. 

I have a friend who was a Secret Service Agent, and he has a much different perspective on secrets.

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