Should the Dallas Cowboys Steal Kirk Cousins to Replace Tony Romo?

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Jerry Jones got an eyeful of how a quarterback should play in primetime and his name wasn’t Tony Romo. The Dallas Cowboys seem on the verge of change. Could they take their cue from Washington with Kirk Cousins?

Romo failure to oust Washington Redskins brings back bad memories

The botched snap against the Seattle Seahawks. The interception against the New York Giants. A meltdown in Minnesota. Nobody remembers the freaky scrambles out of sacks or the passing records when it comes to Tony Romo. The NFL can seem a cruel place that way but it’s simply the reality of pro football and sports in general. Romo once again had his team on his back with a division championship in sight and instead threw three costly interceptions against a defense ranked 28th overall. For all the good things he can do it’s no longer possible to bury the fact that he doesn’t have clutch ability. Sure there are lots of comebacks in his history but none of them involved a playoff atmosphere. His lone playoff victory came against an Eagles team the Cowboys had owned that year twice already. At age 32 his best seasons are gone and with them any hope of Dallas putting out an extended run at a championship. While they can take a few more cracks if they choose, the time may be right for a change.

Robert Griffin III cements job and could give Cousins his NFL break

Any lingering idea of a quarterback controversy for the Washington Redskins disappeared Sunday night. Robert Griffin III solidified his hold on the team and the city by winning them their first division title in thirteen years. He wasn’t pretty with only 100 yards passing but he didn’t turn the ball over and ran for 63 yards and touchdown while watching running back Alfred Morris trample Dallas to the tune of 200 yards and three touchdowns. The performance was exactly what head coach Mike Shanahan and owner Dan Snyder envisioned when they gambled their future on him with a draft day trade. That future may become even bright when the offseason begins again. Not only does Griffin solver their quarterback problems, but thanks to a second gamble on another passer in Kirk Cousins, they may solve their lack of draft pick issues too. In the few times Griffin got hurt during the regular season; Cousins stepped in and played like a poised veteran. His compiled a 2-1 record along with two late-game rallies over the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns. His value is peaking at just the right time and likely will get traded to a quarterback-needy team once the playoffs conclude. Whether Dallas is one such team depends on what happens with Romo.

The Washington Redskins showed the Dallas Cowboys a new era in the NFL. Robert Griffin III outplayed Tony Romo and may have signaled a need for change. How ironic it might become if Griffin teammate Kirk Cousins ushers in that change.

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