Should the Houston Texans Trade Ben Tate to San Diego Chargers?

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Few teams have a more talented roster than the Houston Texans but even then the team can’t escape questions. With their hopes resting on a closing windows, should they find help by dealing Ben Tate to the San Diego Chargers?

Tate deal could help Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson

The Texans have the good fortune of two top flight running backs on their roster in stud Arian Foster and backup Ben Tate. It was them and a suffocating defense that got the team to the divisional playoff round with their third-string quarterback T.J. Yates. It’s left Houston fans wondering what could have happened if starter Matt Schaub had stayed healthy and thrown passes to All-Pro Andre Johnson instead. Given how the team played against the Baltimore Ravens, fans can only grab their heads in disappointment. Anyone who has watched staples like Schaub and Johnson know the window on a Super Bowl can close as quickly as it opens. Both players are 30 or older but still hold the title of most important players on the team and that’s because of their positions. The worse fact is the Houston Texans have lost much of their depth at quarterback and wide receiver from last year. The best way for them to get it back would take high draft picks. That could call for a sacrifice in a trade, and why having Tate is so important.

Chargers hope Ryan Mathews can recapture LaDainian Tomlinson magic

The last time the San Diego Chargers were Super Bowl favorites late in a season they still had LaDainian Tomlinson coming off an MVP season. Now the potential Hall of Fame running back retires leaving his old quarterback Philip Rivers to try to take what many think is a sinking team to the mountain top. One player experts and fans have their eyes on is Tomlinson’s replacement, Ryan Mathews. Highly graded out of college Mathews hasn’t hit the superstar level yet. He also has some fumbling problems that won’t go away and with Mike Tolbert in Carolina the burden has gotten heavier for him. Rivers has played his best football with a good running game, something he didn’t have much of last year. It’s why fans have pushed GM A.J. Smith to find some help like free agent Cedric Benson or even a trade. That’s where Ben Tate comes in. The Texans backup is eager to prove he can start for any team but with an All-Pro like Foster in front of him his best chance is to leave for another team. San Diego would fit perfectly as his size and strength would compliment the speed of Mathews. If the price weren’t too high Houston also might get another high draft pick to find more young talent.

Ben Tate said he would stay patient with the Houston Texans but they might not do the same with him. As Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson grow older their title window closes. If the San Diego Chargers can offer a sweet deal to bring back some LaDainian Tomlinson magic, then it could and should happen.

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