Should the Kansas City Chiefs Trade Brandon Flowers?

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The off-season is all about taking stock of the roster and deciding on possible moves to improve it. For the Kansas City Chiefs, could they consider making a decision on cornerback Brandon Flowers?

Andy Reid must see that Flowers is a bad fit for current defense

Players don’t typically make the Pro Bowl by accident. Brandon Flowers is obviously not a bad player. He has made his share of impact plays in Kansas City. Unfortunately, not everyone can so easily make the transition from one defense to another and thrive. Flowers was drafted in 2008 to play in a 4-3 Cover 2 zone defensive scheme which relied more on toughness and intelligence from its corners. The same cannot be said about the 3-4 scheme. Given how much it demands blitzing to apply pressure, it requires corners to play constant man coverage against wide receivers that are getting bigger and faster every year. Thus the scheme has an increased need for defensive backs with size. Sadly, at 5’9″, Flowers doesn’t have the simple genetics to thrive in such a defense and is the primary reason why he’s struggled since the Chiefs made the transition. Head coach Andy Reid must’ve seen that throughout the year. Being the savvy old veteran he is, Reid must also understand that it might be better for the team and for Flowers if they sought possible trade options.

Detroit Lions and Cincinnati Bengals among teams that might deal

There is no reason to think the corner is washed up. He did make 68 tackles and intercept a pass for the Chiefs in 2013. At age 27 he can clearly still play at high level, but it would be better for him if he found a defensive system that didn’t demand from him what he cannot give, which is height. That would likely mean a shift to a team that runs a 4-3 alignment, which typically employs far more zone coverage. There is no shortage of possibilities. The Detroit Lions are certainly one. Secondary problems plagued at bad times throughout the season. They really could use help across from promising rookie Darius Slay. Another option is the Cincinnati Bengals. Under Marvin Lewis they have a proven history of resurrecting the careers of discarded cornerbacks like they did with Terrance Newman and Adam Jones. Flowers would fit their scheme perfectly. Then there is the Chicago Bears. If any team has no reason to scoff at his 5’9″ frame it is them, because they have two-time Pro Bowl corner Tim Jennings on their roster, and he’s 5’8″.

The Kansas City Chiefs know they have to find a way to collect some draft picks and extra salary cap. Trading Brandon Flowers may be their best option.

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