Should the Minnesota Vikings Sign Mike Wallace and Trade Percy Harvin?

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Wide receiver was a problem area most of the season for the Minnesota Vikings. Part of the issue is the continued health problems with Percy Harvin. Given this state, could the team trade him and sign Mike Wallace as a replacement?

Pittsburgh Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger trying to move on from Wallace

Replacing a great receiver is something the Pittsburgh Steelers are used to but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. What makes Mike Wallace unique to the situation is his rare speed. Few players in the NFL are as fast as him. That is why quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has repeatedly begged the team to find a way to bring the receiver back. Sadly the price is just too high. Wallace didn’t help matters by having a bad season in 2012. Pittsburgh may have caved to his demands if he reached a second-straight Pro Bowl. When that didn’t happen it was clear to them his asking price was way too high given their salary cap limits. Though the team still has Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown for targets, replacing the big play ability of Wallace may become a top priority in the 2013 offseason. The only question after that is where will the 27-year-old land in free agency?

Vikings know they can’t expect another MVP year from Adrian Peterson

Minnesota has a history of blockbuster free agent moves. They pulled it off a few years ago when they swiped Jared Allen from Kansas City. There’s no reason to think they won’t get aggressive to find a go-to target for Christian Ponder. When free agency starts they will have $16 million in cap space. That is enough for one big signing. The reason Wallace makes sense is two-fold. First, it will take pressure off of star running back Adrian Peterson. The Vikings can’t possibly expect another MVP season and 2,000 yards out of him. Adding a vertical threat down the field will loosen the eight man fronts he is sure to see next season. Secondly, the move will put the team in a much better bargaining position with Percy Harvin. Last season he was by far the best option the team had despite his ongoing health problems, not to mention his vocal jabs at how things were run in practice. He even threatened to ask for a trade at one point. Bringing in Wallace not only makes him less necessary but even expendable. His contract is up in 2014 anyway and it’s hard to pay him so much money when he can’t stay on the field.

The Minnesota Vikings made great strides to reach the playoffs in 2012 but they need more than Adrian Peterson if they want to win a championship. Mike Wallace can offer that help and trading Percy Harvin could fetch some extra draft picks too.

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