Should the New England Patriots Pursue Cordarrelle Patterson in NFL Draft?

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Everyone seems convinced the New England Patriots will either trade back or stay where they are in the NFL draft. Given their needs that isn’t totally true. Could the AFC power surprise people by moving up for Cordarrelle Patterson?

Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski issues raise questions

New England did what they had to do in free agency to keep Tom Brady armed. After losing Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd, they went out and quickly signed former St. Louis receiver Danny Amendola. It was their hope adding him, bringing back Julian Edelman and having two Pro Bowl tight ends would suffice. That may not come as the best idea. Rob Gronkowski has become a sore spot for the Patriots. His health is an annual issue and has fans worried if he even will make it for opening day because of a bad forearm. Meanwhile, Amendola has injury problems of his own but also doesn’t fill every need at receiver for New England. His skill set speaks to a player who can dominate over the middle of the field like Welker did. He is not a threat to take off deep for bombs from Brady. That is something the Patriots haven’t had since Randy Moss left. They badly need a presence on the outside, and given their history of failure in the second round, they will have to find him on Day 1.

Patterson beats out Tavon Austin because of his outside threat

Trading up is not something the Patriots usually like doing. If anything they prefer the opposite. However, with Brady turning 36 in August they can’t afford to wait for a younger player to develop. They need a playmaker who will contribute early. If that is the case, they may have to move up in the first round to do it. Their best shot is taking aim at Tennessee receiver Cordarrelle Patterson. Scouts see him as the most gifted. He is big, fast, agile and doesn’t mind fighting for the football. It’s for these reasons that he beats out West Virginia star Tavon Austin for best receiver in the NFL draft. His size alone should entice New England. A lot of coaches in fact compare Patterson to Randy Moss, only more explosive. While the price to get such a player will be expensive, the potential is worth the risk. Patterson would instantly make Amendola and the tight ends better and give Brady the big outside target he needs.

The New England Patriots know what they have to do in the NFL draft. They could move down but it would come with risk. Cordarrelle Patterson is a risky option, but the talent is something they can’t ignore. He is the one piece missing from an already great offense.

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