Showtime Cancels ‘United States of Tara’ After Three Seasons

Showtime has decided to cancel United States of Tara after three seasons. Sadly this means the lovable and funny Tara Gregson played by Toni Collette will see its last season United states of tara.pngthis year. Toni’s acting career may have taken a hit but don’t expect her to be down and out for long. Collette has long been able to maintain constant employment in a usually fickle entertainment business.

Showtime’s decision to cancel the show was made easier when its ratings fell from 816,000 during its second season premiere to 411,000 viewers during its third season premiere. A drop like that would be cause enough for any executive to question the viability of keeping a show on.

However, as one actress begins looking for jobs elsewhere, another one celebrates. Showtime decided to renew Edie Falco’s Nurse Jackie. Edie is most well-known for her role as Carmela Soprano on The Sporanos but she has reinvented herself as the drug-addicted nurse Jackie Peyton.

Now then, the question is: are you disappointed that Showtime will cancel United States of Tara while keeping on Nurse Jackie? Or do you care?

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