Shroud of Turin Real, Created by ‘Supernatural’ Flash of Light

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The Shroud of Turin may be the real deal. Just as the world gears up to celebrate the birth of Jesus with Christmas, new studies reveal that the shroud he wore after he was crucified could not have been faked.

File:Turin shroud negative-positive.JPGThe burial cloth of Jesus was created by a “supernatural flash of light” according to the most recent research. The Shroud of Turin is a piece of fabric measuring 14ft by 3ft. Many people believe that it was forged in medieval times.

Now, the idea that the shroud is a fake could be proven wrong. Italy’s National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development concluded that there is no way this burial cloth could be faked in medieval times. Short of ultraviolet lasers, the cloth could not have been created by man. Obviously, those were not available so many centuries ago.

The report states that the shroud was created by “some form of electromagnetic energy (such as a flash of light at short wavelength).” They did not go beyond scientific explanations, but believers think that it was created when Jesus was resurrected on the third day as described in the Bible.

What do you think about this latest research? Do you think it does prove that the Shroud of Turin could indeed have been the burial cloth of Jesus? If not, how do you think it was created and for what purpose? Could it have been forged later than the middle ages? Whether or not you believe this cloth could have been Jesus’s, you have to admit, it is pretty interesting.

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