Shuba – Russian Fish Salad

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Shuba – Russian Fish Salad
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Yield: 6 servings

4 ea Pickled herring fillets in oil minced*
3 ea Potatoes
4 ea Carrots
3 ea Beets
1 ea Yellow onion minced
4 lea  Hard-BOILed eggs minced
1 c  Mayonnaise
1/2 c  Sour cream
Black pepper to taste
6 tb Dill fresh & minced

*NOTE: you may use dalmon, whitefish or even tuna for this dish.

Boil potatoes, beets & carrots in the same pot for  1 hr. until tender.
Remove each vegetable as they become tender then continue cooking remeianing.
Peel then cool completely then shred carrots & beets.
Dice potatoes to 1/4″.
Place entire portion of potatoes onto bottom of your serving dish.
Pat into an even layer.
Spread 1/3 of mayonnaise on top to completely cover potatoes.
Put 1/2 of beets then half of carrots & half of onion along with all of fish plus 1/3 of mayonnaise on top.
Layer remaining onion & carrots along with all ochopped eggs.
Then season with black pepper, remaining mayo & remaining beets then pat down.
Refrigerate for 6-12 hrs. prior to serving.
Garnish with monced dill & more chopped hard-boiled eggs.

ORIGIN: Taisa Kamnotsky, Kyiv-Ukraine, circa 1997

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