Sibling Connection in the Womb – Pregnancy Ponderings

Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks pregnant with son number three, and boy does it seem like the little one already has his own personality. He seems to have his own sleeping pattern already, and he certainly loves it when I go swimming at the beach.

One thing that really fascinates me is how the little one is reacting to his brothers even before birth. Now that my six-year-old is on summer vacation, there is a lot of noise going around all day. Yesterday, I was worried because I had not felt the baby kicking or moving all day, but then my three-year-old came to me crying hysterically because his brother said he was too tired to play with him. The baby immediately started kicking, and I sighed out of relief while comforting my upset toddler.

This afternoon my oldest son again said he did not want to play with his brother, and Sky became very upset. After having been sleeping for a while, the baby started kicking immediately as Sky came to me crying.

The first time I ever felt the baby kick was when I sat down with the boys, and Roshane read us a story. Now, Roshane often reads stories just for the baby, and I sure hope it will continues once the little one arrives.

I do have one big fear though – the fear that this little Baby E will be immune to my yelling once he gets out into the big world, or that he will be very very loud just to make sure we know he is here. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Baby E will come out just as calm and quiet as his brothers did though, but I have the feeling I won’t be that lucky.

At the ultrasound this past Tuesday, we got a really great profile photo of the baby. From it it seems like he looks very much like his dad and his oldest brother, whereas Sky has features that reminds me of my side of the family. I cannot wait to meet this little boy, and with his heritage from Europe, India, Africa and Jamaica it is always a completely mystery what he will look like.

I guess these are my 22 days to go ponderings:)


Did you or your children have a connection with their baby sister or brother even before the baby arrived?

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