Sight of meat calms men: Why do men feel calm when in the presence of meat?

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Scientists have concluded that the sight of meat calms men down. Why is this you may ask? Well, it appears researchers believe that the sight of meat brings memories of friends and family back.

Unlike women, who prefer a relaxing massage over the sight of meat, men seem to find relaxation in viewing meat. So, next time your husband or boyfriend is upset, put the oven on, cook some meat and place it in front of them. Then see if they calm down.

It’s a little bit odd to find that the sight of meat actually makes men less aggressive according to the study, which was done by Canadian researchers. Over the years, we’ve heard that eating meat makes people more aggressive. Maybe it’s the difference between viewing the meat and eating it that soothes a mans aggression.


“It wouldn’t be advantageous to be aggressive anymore, because you would’ve already used your aggression to acquire the meat, and furthermore, you’d be surrounded by people who share… your DNA,” said researcher  Frank Kachanoff.

Even though meat’s calming effect has been proven through the study, Kachanoff isn’t done yet. Next up, he wants to study how images of dead animals and uncooked meat affect men. As if that’s not enough, he’s also planning to throw images of women into the mix, as both subjects and targets of aggression.

Do you believe that the sight of meat calms men down? Or do you feel the opposite is true?

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