Silk Smitha’s Orange Tribute: Vidya Balan Explains

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Vidya Balan’s portrayal of Silk Smitha in The Dirty Picture has earned her rave reviews. Since the premiere of the movie, Balan has been busy getting her figure back but is appreciative of the experience she had. It’s not every role that has the ability to skyrocket one’s career into the stratosphere. Fortunately for Balan, this was one of those roles.Dirty Picture - Vidya Balan [Cd] Music :Vishal & Shekhar

Vidya even divulged some of The Dirty Picture‘s back stories. One of those involved the oranges scene with Naseeruddin Shah. Apparently, it was a tribute to Silk Smitha.

Balan said, “You know for that scene in which Naseer and I roll down the hill and the oranges come rolling with us… Oh my God, there was so much confusion and fun. For starters, the production house went and bought all the oranges available in Hyderabad on that day. So if anybody wanted oranges or fresh orange juice they were getting none. Then we were trying to figure out: Should the oranges start rolling before we roll, after we roll or as we roll, and all of us had such a good laugh. It was fun shooting this movie. My character – that of Silk Smitha – was over the top, and the experiences were over the top, too”

Thanks to her phenomenal portrayal of Silk Smitha, Vidya Balan will see her own career boost and possibly become as important and big an actress as Silk. The Dirty Picture is showing worldwide and has become widely acclaimed.

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